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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ads for Governor

I watched the Inslee advertizement and Mr McKenna's ads.

The "progressive" Inslee connects better with the ordinary public even though his ads make little sense. The theme of his ads runs "Here is my family. I believe in the future. I believe in the public. Jobs." The audience is led to fantasize the ads mean whatever they like.

Republican Mr McKenna gives summaries of what he thinks. He also introduced his family, then went on to outline his plan for government; lower taxes and fair regulation. He should have added that lower taxes and fair regulation would promote jobs. Lower taxes and fair regulation will also help the family owned business.

Jobs are a warm and fuzzy button issue for this election cycle. The politician who does not mention jobs cripples himself.

The "progressives" are trying to paint McKenna as an enemy of jobs and progress. The "progressives" themselves want to us back in the 19th century -- its clear they mean one party rule when they say "progress."

The "Progressive" Democrats have run this state for 30 years. They made an regulatory environment painful to the citizen and suitable only for their big business buddies. A change would be a fresh breeze.


Inslee ads are promoting the idea that some industries should receive preferential treatment from state government in order to promote jobs.

If Inslee is elected and actually does this, this is what special treatment will be: Inslee will routinely use taxpayer money to support his favorite companies.

What happens when government is "partner" to private companies? It is a path to taxmoney sinkholes. A never ending stream of public resources are wasted to promote some politician's friends. No public benefit ever manifests.


C'mon, McKenna, I'm rootin' for you.

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