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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Olympia is too transparent -- Kline

State Sen. Adam Kline announced he is resigning from the Public Records Exemptions Accountability Committee (The Sunshine Committee), over whether jurors should be able to serve on juries despite no legal eligibility.  Kline indicated government does not need to be that clear about government.

"[W]hile couched in innocent terms as an enhancement of the public’s right to know … is to create a public scandal about illegal aliens serving on Washington juries and use it to advance legislation requiring photo identification for voters and/or requiring citizenship for drivers licenses," Kline wrote.

Kline said he felt strongly about the committee’s fundamental purpose but believes the balance of  power had swung too far in the direction of transparent government.

“The public as a whole, in my view, has equal and competing interests in transparency and privacy,” he wrote, “and I believe strongly that the rightful role of the committee is to reach a balance between the two. That view is not shared by the majority of the committee, in which the press is numerically dominant.”

Seattle should consider retiring Adam Kline.

More at The Olympia Report 

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