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Friday, February 17, 2012


Obama is in Western Washington state this morning, promoting his notion that we need to increase exports. Who would have thought of that? After that, the Darling of the Left is expecting to pick up as much as $8 million in campaign pledges at two afternoon dinners.


America's small businesses are the source of most of America's employment, and the principle source of American innovation. But small businesses are plagued by the Left and Obama's continued attacks. Obama Care itself will add $4,500 in new. annual expenses for every new hire, along with bewildering new regulations.

Under a burden of increasing regulation, a small business is at a competitive disadvantage compared to a big business. Companies like Boeing or GM have to hire a few human resources specialists to assure compliance with the new regulations. No small business can afford costly burden of a few more office workers who only sit in the office comparing rules. The result is big businesses get bigger and the small business is not doing so well.

There are other problems. Some big businesses are under more direct attack fomr the Left. The paper manufacturer Kimberly Clark was forced to shut down its 80 year old Northwest mills because of Obama's expanding environmental regulation.

The attack was indirect; the new buyer of the pulp mill would have been saddled with massive increases of environmental costs. Changes in environmental regulation would have required the new owner to take elaborate measures to "protect" the tidal flats from unspecified dangers - along with environmental "clean up."

The only winners would have been the government certified companies who make their living off the people's misery - and the government people who certify them.

In the end, this made the Kimberly Clark property an unsellable albatross, and 750 workers were laid off.


Government poisons with policy. It cost 750 workers their jobs at KC. Small business is always hardest hit with poison policy ; big business usually can cope. Policies like Obama's have concentrated industrial power in fewer and fewer hands -- and the Democrats insist they are the pal of the little guy. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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