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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Washington State Redistricting Plan

Population growth entitles Washington to another seat in the US House of Representatives. Washington State is being redistricted.

The new redistricting map is the product of a bipartisan committee headed by Republican commissioner Slade Gorton and Democrat commissioner Tim Ceis, both of King County.

Under the plan, Thurston County is almost entirely in the new 10th District including the Cities of Olympia and Yelm. Bits of other counties include the Cities of Shelton (Mason County), Dupont and Puyallup (Pierce County). This seat is calculated to be very safe for the Democratic Party.

The new layout will leave the Democratic Party in control of 5 districts and the Republican Party in 4. Ironically, the First District goes from a safe Democratic party seat to more of a toss up.

Its not a done deal yet - the plan will be finalized January first.

The district maps
The current map from 2001
The new map

Seattle PI
The Olympian


Update 1/5/12 - The plan is finalized and is being transmitted to the Legislature on 1/9/12

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