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Friday, March 4, 2011

Eliminating Democracy, Union Style.

Interest Groups Say Union Fraud Case Justifies a Crackdown on Initiatives ---
Guess What? – The Bill Excludes Labor Unions

By Erik Smith, Staff writer/ Washington State Wire

"OLYMPIA, Feb. 26 — Union officials and left-wing activist groups are saying that an embarrassing signature fraud case involving the Service Employees International Union last summer is a terrific reason to regulate everyone else [Service Employees International Union is the government workers union].

"They’re pushing a bill that would impose tight new restrictions on signature-gathering companies. It’s the same basic idea they’ve been backing for years, and it’s looking like it is picking up support in the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

"But here’s the funny thing about it. Not only is the SEIU case the only time in recent years that any campaign has turned in fraudulent signatures to the state – the bill that SEIU is backing wouldn’t apply to labor unions."

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