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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pierce County Voters Send Message -- No More Tax Hikes!

Olympia ignores the message and plans tax hikes anyway.

by Caleb Heimlich

This week Washington voters sent another clear message to the Legislature: cut the waste and don’t raise our taxes. Pierce Transit, who already collects a .06% sales tax, was seeking to raise the sales tax in Pierce County by .03%. Voters resoundingly rejected this measure 54% to 45%. In 2002, the last time Pierce Transit sought to increase taxes, the measure passed by an 8% margin.

This victory for taxpayers illustrates the power of grassroots citizens and shows that we are on the winning side of the policy debate. The rejected proposition 1 campaign; a coalition including Tea Party Groups, Campaign for Liberty members, Republicans and members of Americans for Prosperity-Washington were outspent 85-1 by special interests, including government unions. Our side won because of hard work and perseverance. We won because voters agree with our message and oppose tax increases.

While this victory was sweet and should send a clear message to Olympia that taxes are not what the people want, big government forces are already seeking a way around this vote.

Just this week HB 1536 was introduced by Representative Marko Liias which would give local transit agencies the ability to levy taxes on vehicle registration. Without requiring a vote of the people, local transit agencies in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties would be able to re-institute a $30 tax [increase] on vehicle tab registration.

So while voters rejected one tax hike, it looks like more could be coming our way. Be sure to be in touch with your Legislator and let them know that you do not support higher taxes. The number for the Legislative exchange is 1-800-562-6000.

HB 1536 was passed by the transportation committee on a party line vote 15-12. It will be moving to the House floor. We need you to tell your Legislators to say no to higher taxes and fees.

There is a companion bill in the State Senate, number SB 5457

Clearly the state legislators are ready to spend lots more of your money. Contact them and let them know what you think of these bills.


Adapted from Democrats Seek to Raise Taxes on Vehicle Registration posted at Americans for Prosperity.

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